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Class Schedule



Sept 7: Rites of Passage

Sept 14: No class Mary gone

Sept 21: History of Mabon

Sept 28: Numerology learn your numbers.

Oct 5:  Guided Meditation





Mabon Celebration


Mabon/Autumn Equinox Ritual will be on Sept 22nd at  6:00 pm at Curious Goods. A potluck will follow ritual so please bring a side dish. Please RSVP by calling Mary at 353-5355. You can wear street clothes or Ritual wear. 

Raven by Amanda Dracar


The Church conducts Metaphysical classes on Friday nights at Curious Goods 1105 NW Ferris Ave, Lawton OK 73507. Class starts at 7 pm. Bring a notebook and pen to take notes. The classes are free but donations to help with utilities and supplies are greatly appreciated. We welcome ideas for classes or workshops.